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  • Donald Trump Cat Toy

    Pocket-sized parody Donald Trump political catnip cat toy. 
    • Parody Donald cat toy, vibrantly printed sharp suit, complete with smug expression.
    • Political cat toy Donald, is suitably orange and has the most impressive real life looking quiff, made from plush fabric.
    Designed in the UK
    • 100% unofficial, and unendorsed parody toys. 
    • Cat toys tested to child safety standards in EU, USA & Australia/NZ 
    • Made from a strong poly-canvas material and stuffed with polyester and catnip.  Catnip sewn into pocket in tummy. 
    • Designed to be durable. The body and arms are constructed from one piece of fabric, making them perfect for sharp claws. 
    • Our political cat toys are not intended for dogs, as they contain catnip.